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Flexas was founded in London in 2000. After a successful start in the UK an office opened in Amsterdam for the Dutch market in 2002. Within three years has grown into one of the biggest online office space search engines, with office space ranging from 15 m2 to 10.000 m2. We offer the right business space solution for every company. Whether it’s a virtual office for a start-up or a search query for 1.000 m2, we can offer it. The Flexas team look forward to receiving your ​o​ffice ​s​pace enquiry and our service is provided to you free of charge.

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April 2010

On April 6th of 2010 Marcel de Groot registered Nedstone with the Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam, giving birth to a new way of office space mediation. Nedstone solely concerns its self with generating a demand for office spaces – leaving property owners and business centers in charge of their own viewings, rent proposals, negotiations and letting agreement contracts.

May 2010

By this time Nedstone has five significant real estate clients:

  • Regus
  • Merin (previously Uni-Invest)
  • Hanzevast
  • Fortress
  • Eurocommerce (no longer in existence)

June 2010

Nedstone completes its first rental mediation transaction with Arnhem based client, Wazzup Inc. Wazzup Inc rents 800m2 meter of office space from Eurocommerce at 77 Eusebiussingel in Arnhem.

February 2011

Nedstone moves to a new office at 39 Johan van Hasseltweg, Amsterdam. The office boasts a 25m2 conference room and a further 25m2 office space with the capacity for three employees. Nedstone accepts its first intern, providing support where needed. Tasks include uploading properties to the website and taking calls with existing and potential new clients.

March 2011

Nedstone broke the 2.000m2 mark for the first time, successfully mediating a rental agreement between Ballorig and Merin for a property at 26 Hazenkamp in Arnhem – previously a Heineken distribution center.

April 2011

Nedstone celebrates the official opening of its office in Opzeezand.

June 2011

Nedstone breaks a magical barrier, for the first time simultaneously offering 1.000 office buildings on its website.

September 2011

Nedstone hires its first employee.

October 2011

Nedstone launches a new website – resulting in a better representation of the company and improved searching of office spaces.

December 2011

Nedstone took over the Dutch Flexas Limited branch. This is still considered a big step, as Flexas is a larger web site with more real estate suppliers and more traffic than Nedstone. Taking over opened the doors to providers of flexibel office space through the whole of the Netherlands. Nedstone still focusses primarily on traditional offices space starting at 250m2.

January 2012

Nedstone increases its employee capacity from three to six, by converting its conference room into more office space.

April 2012

Nedstone takes over all proceedings and domains belonging to Flexas, including those of the United Kingdom, Germany and South Africa.

August 2012

Nedstone launches a new website for, focussing primarily on client usability.

September 2012

Nedstone substantiates 150 offices in Amsteram on

November 2012

Nedstone substantiates 65 office spaces in Rotterdam on

December 2012

Nedstone substantiates 35 office spaces in Utrecht on

April 2013

Nedstone embarks on a partnership with an advisor strictly for the end-users of office spaces: The Independents . Observing a change in the market, Nedstone realised the added benefit of providing this type of service to its clients. For more information, please navigate to

January 2014

In order to accommodate for the need for more employees, Nedstone hired and extra office space at Opzeezand, resulting in the capacity for twelve employees. To ensure the new office would be ready for the new year all building work was done between Christmas and New Years Eve.

Febuary 2014

Tom Snoek starts working for Nedstone/ .

March 2014

Nedstone launches a new home page for, where user experience and simplicity are the prime focus.

May 2014 launches an optimised overview page with search filter options.

June 2014

Marcel de Groot of Nedstone is invited by BNR to talk about and changes in the office market.

November 2014 introduces Flexas Media: a package designed to enhance the online user experience of office buildings.

December 2014

Terry Klokkemeijer, Nedstone's new Account- and Content Manager, starts work.




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